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Diving in French Polynesia #02


Polynesia is not famous for the beauty of its coral, although some areas, especially the coral roses prairies of Moorea or Huahine are extraordinary. For the regulars of the Red Sea, the absence of soft coral and the lack of diversity of hard corals will surprise. Coral reefs are present on the outer faces of the lagoons. The massifs of Pocillopora, Montipora, Cyphastrea, Astreopora, Acropora, Platygyra, Favia, Leptastrea, Fungia and Porites are recorded.

On open atolls, water renewal is favorable to the diversity of nutrients: hence the very important coral coverings, particularly in the passes, where the currents are called “returning” or “outgoing”, depending on the tide . In these nurturing contexts, predators (sharks) arise, and as the environment is abundant in plankton, the manta rays abound.

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