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Diving in French Polynesia #08

Cruise ships and itineraries for diving in Polynesia An ideal solution to go diving in Polynesia in peace while discovering the charm of the islands, is to choose to make a diving cruise. The beauty of the crystalline waters of the lagoons makes the experience truly unforgettable. The navigation distances between the islands are reasonable and the crossings do not involve major difficulties. Even if you do not have a seafaring foot, you should be able to appreciate having your equipment available, to be able to dive without taking into account the expectations due to the care necessary to recover the divers at each hotel. You will enjoy the charm of your cabin, where you can relax after diving. In short, a cruise is synonymous with not moving a little finger, total vacation and 100% idleness. The diving cruise is also THE appreciable solution for the peace of mind that it provides. The same monitor will accompany you throughout the week. He knows you, knows the type of diving you like, the animals you want …

Diving in French Polynesia #07

Sharks, dolphins, rays and whales of French Polynesia The submarine encounters, which are possible in all the archipelagos of Polynesia, explain the craze of the divers for the destination: sharks, dolphins, turtles, whales enchant the travelers. The dives, by themselves, constitute the reason for a trip. Qualifying diving in French Polynesia is not an exaggerated language, or an advertising vocabulary.

Diving in French Polynesia #06

THE BEST SEASON FOR DIVING IN POLYNESIA Outdoor climatic conditions are slightly better between March and November. The seasons are reversed in relation to our hemisphere. There may be more wind and rain during the austral summer. However, the diving conditions are excellent all year round. Diving centers operate every day of the year. Water temperatures vary little (only 2 to 3°C from one season to another), and the visibility is always excellent.  

Diving in French Polynesia #04

THE TUAMOTU ARCHIPELAGO With their typical configuration, the Tuamotu, matches lagoons encircled by a long barrier of coral. Communication with the ocean is through the passes, real fishways, whose depth and size vary according to the islands. It is at this point that diving is practiced in the Tuamotu. These are the only places in the world where you are evolving, certainly, in the middle of shoals of gray sharks (sometimes up to 200 individuals), dolphins, big white spikes, eagle rays, trevallies, napoleons and mantas. From November to March, it is not unusual to see a Mokaran (the great solitary hammer) hunt among the leopard skate squadrons.

Diving in French Polynesia #03

THE ISLANDS OF SOCIETY A paradise for big fish, Tahiti and the other islands of the Society are a mythical place that makes many divers dream. The diversity of the coral domain offers shelter to a complete fauna and animals of various sizes, shapes and colors, making these islands an ideal site for diving. With visors, divers and sponges, corals, more specialized shells, napoleons, manta rays, trevallies, sharks in large numbers, balistes, morays, barracudas and whales to the hump from July to October.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

It takes only a few minutes to reach by boat from the airport the private motu occupied by the hotel. The reception is done in a pretty wooden pavilion whose entrance is guarded by 2 tiki. The eye immediately records some details that speak volumes about the atmosphere of the place. Behind the counter is an immense necklace of indigenous style in marble and wood, which forms part of a wall. An imposing light imitates a giant red coral with led at the end of the branches. Mount Otemanu stands opposite and the setting is simply remarkable. 23 hectares between lagoon, lagoon, islets and ocean so that each host finds enough space and surrenders to the plenitude of the places. A cocoon of greenery bathed in the fragrance of frangipani, hibiscus, bougainvillea. In the villas, the same sense of space and fluidity. One will appreciate the beautiful volumes, the nobility of the materials, and the harmony of light wood of Bali. Luxury and sobriety reign without sharing and thus create a feeling of immediate well-being. …

Diving in French Polynesia #02

Polynesia is not famous for the beauty of its coral, although some areas, especially the coral roses prairies of Moorea or Huahine are extraordinary. For the regulars of the Red Sea, the absence of soft coral and the lack of diversity of hard corals will surprise. Coral reefs are present on the outer faces of the lagoons. The massifs of Pocillopora, Montipora, Cyphastrea, Astreopora, Acropora, Platygyra, Favia, Leptastrea, Fungia and Porites are recorded. On open atolls, water renewal is favorable to the diversity of nutrients: hence the very important coral coverings, particularly in the passes, where the currents are called “returning” or “outgoing”, depending on the tide . In these nurturing contexts, predators (sharks) arise, and as the environment is abundant in plankton, the manta rays abound.

Diving in French Polynesia #01

From the time of the first explorers to the present day, Tahiti and its islands keep dreaming. This garden of Eden with a thousand perfumes will seduce you by its generous nature and the kindness of its people. White sandy beaches and green islets are common, for this country rhythmic by the ocean and the sound of the Ukulele. These sacred islands, imbued with a Melanesian culture very present, and invaded legends have spelled the most jaded travelers, if not paradise, it resembles it.    

Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island

The Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island embodies French elegance and offers you an exceptional stay in a private haven. The hotel is nestled on its own island, surrounded by a splendid turquoise blue lagoon, just a few minutes by private shuttle bus from Bora Bora. I give 🌴🌴🌴 for this hotel 😊 #borabora