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Diving in French Polynesia #08

Cruise ships and itineraries for diving in Polynesia An ideal solution to go diving in Polynesia in peace while discovering the charm of the islands, is to choose to make a diving cruise. The beauty of the crystalline waters of the lagoons makes the experience truly unforgettable. The navigation distances between the islands are reasonable and the crossings do not involve major difficulties. Even if you do not have a seafaring foot, you should be able to appreciate having your equipment available, to be able to dive without taking into account the expectations due to the care necessary to recover the divers at each hotel. You will enjoy the charm of your cabin, where you can relax after diving. In short, a cruise is synonymous with not moving a little finger, total vacation and 100% idleness. The diving cruise is also THE appreciable solution for the peace of mind that it provides. The same monitor will accompany you throughout the week. He knows you, knows the type of diving you like, the animals you want …

Diving in French Polynesia #06

THE BEST SEASON FOR DIVING IN POLYNESIA Outdoor climatic conditions are slightly better between March and November. The seasons are reversed in relation to our hemisphere. There may be more wind and rain during the austral summer. However, the diving conditions are excellent all year round. Diving centers operate every day of the year. Water temperatures vary little (only 2 to 3°C from one season to another), and the visibility is always excellent.  

Diving in French Polynesia #05

Rurutu is a wild island of 33 km2, protected by a large outer reef. Its lagoon is transformed every year from July to October, as a playground for humpback whales and their newborns. Diving in Rurutu is not possible. Only snorkeling is possible in order to observe the splendid mammals very closely. While many areas around the world offer whale-watching trips to see whales, there are few places where they are sought amongst whales. An unforgettable experience.